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A Selfie Stick For Dogs


Only last month, we brought you the news that the tech industry is booming thanks to savvy pet parents and the rise in pet-centric smartphone apps. When it comes to our pets, we’ll buy into almost anything to ensure their health and happiness, to keep up to date with the latest doggy developments and kitty creations, and to solve those pet parenting problems that the modern world tends to create. For example, how many times have you tried to take a photograph of your pet only to discover they’re looking the other way, or to lose their attention completely? This problem is one that plagues pet parents across the country – and we’ve been a little stumped.

“It seems today we humanize our pets more and more. They are our fur children, I know mine are. As they are our furkids, it makes sense that we want to create the same kinds of memories we do with other people,” explains Jason Hernandez…

A Selfie Stick For Dogs

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