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Best Dog Breeds To Go Running With


You should definitely walk your dog, but should you run with her, too? Running is a wonderful form of exercise that can also be great for your furry friends. Before you try to go running with your dog, however, you need to take certain precautions – and consider whether your dog is a breed well-suited to running.

Best Breeds for Running

If you really want a dog that will go running with you (and enjoy it!), consider one of these top six dog breeds that are best for running, listed in alphabetical order:

1. Australian Cattle Dog – As the name of this breed would suggest, the Australian Cattle Dog was developed to herd cattle. These dogs can go for miles without tiring and are very intelligent, so can make adventurous running partners. Once your Australian Cattle Dog gets into the habit of running, she will be dragging you off the couch and out onto …

Best Dog Breeds To Go Running With

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