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Building a Dog House

Building a Dog House

Let’s look at how you can go about building a dog house that is both modern and your dog will love it!

So have you ever wanted to do something for your dog that was hand made and unique but just don’t know what to build. Well building a dog house is a good place to start. And can easily be done by following this nice tutorial that was provided by Jay Bates a well known face on YouTube. He is an established blogger and builder at Jay’s Custom Creations.

The dog house build has a cottage like look and feel to it and is not your average traditional dog house. He added a great personal touch to the design with a nice little porch and is perfect for your bigger dog. You can always half the dimensions to build one for your smaller dogs. Another nice thing is that he runs a blog and has got a fully detailed page dedicated to this build with high quality photos and well written content for anyone to understand and follow. I have provided a link to his blog below the video for you reference and will be posting more of his up and coming creations that that he does for his pets, so you can also do it yourself.

For a complete breakdown of all the steps you can visit his blog by clicking here.

If you followed the instructions provided by Jay and finished your project. Please share it with us by leaving a picture and comment below. Also please let me know if you found his instructions to be easy to follow or maybe if you decided to do something else in the design to add your personal touch we would also like to hear from you.

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