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Cat With Rare Condition Finally Finds A Forever Home

Toby is a 6-year-old cat who has feline cutaneous asthenia, a rare condition that makes him look wise beyond his age.

The condition makes his skin extremely fragile and causes it to appear loose and droopy. Humans can have a similar condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Toby had a rough time when he was taken into an RSPCA animal shelter, Love Meow reports. Toby had to have several of his teeth extracted, and he was very scared. Plus, shelter employees surely worried about finding the right home for this special-needs animal.

Fortunately, Toby had a best friend in another cat named Quinton. In the shelter, Quinton acted as a big brother to Toby, offering him comfort and protection.

And that’s how Georgina Price met these two special cats.

Price was on the RSPCA website, browsing through different cats up for adoption when she came upon Toby and Quinton.

“I saw them on the RSPCA website and fell in love instantly,” Price told Love Meow. “When we met them, they were both terrified and huddled right at the back. Toby just hid behind Quinton the whole time, trembling. I didn’t even get to touch him because he was just so scared.”

The only question was whether Toby would be separated from his best friend Quinton. The shelter believed they needed to be adopted together, and Price agreed. Her heart broke for these two cats who had been through so much, and she was determined to make sure the rest of their lives were comfortable and happy.

“We’ll always take care of them and give them all of the love and security that they need,” she said.

Price signed on the dotted line and made both Toby and Quinton the newest members of her family.

At first, both cats were nervous in their new environment. They hid during the day and didn’t come out unless their humans weren’t around. Price actually had to feed them under the bed.

“Eventually, they began to trust us but it was slow,” Price told Love Meow.

Slowly, both cats began coming out of their shells. Quinton started poking around the house more, and Toby followed his lead, tagging behind his best friend.

“Toby is such a sweet boy and just goes along with whatever Quinton wants,” Price said.

With a lot of patience and love, Toby began to feel at home in his new environment. He even discovered the wonders of cuddles! He loves belly rubs and playing with bouncy balls and shoelaces.

Quinton is still a great big brother to Toby, playing with his feline friend and helping him groom.

This happy ending shows how important it is to open our hearts to pets with special needs. Animals deserve loving, caring homes, and they will return that love to you tenfold if you give them the chance.

Main photo credit: superbo/Getty Images

Cat With Rare Condition Finally Finds A Forever Home

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