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Dangerous 7

An erroneous safari query is the genesis of this post. Not long ago, we received an email from someone looking to go on safari. We receive numerous emails requesting safari pricing, but this one was different. This person was looking for a hunting safari.  According to their email, they’ve

Cheetah with 9 cubs?

Mother courage Depending on your sources, between 80 to 90% of cheetah cubs do not reach adulthood…as in leave their mother’s protection alive. The cheetah I observed over three days had given birth to seven cubs. Over two consecutive days she had, according to our guide, lost two to a hyena

Is a genet cat really a cat?

What is a genet cat? A cat-like carnivore with a leopard pattern—the genet cat is a unique critter that will surely grab attention on your African safari. Even if it may hang around the safari lodge with its highly distinctive musky smell, it surely is not a cat! Its closest

Uganda to raise gorilla permit price in 2020

About YAS Your African Safari is a safari-planning and safari review site. It was created to help support a healthy African wildlife population. All reviews are vetted before being approved and only ethical tours are published Mountain gorillas can be found in two national parks in Uganda: Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga. Uganda has announced

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