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Dog Anxiety Causes & What Works

Dog anxiety is a real issue for many pet parents who find themselves unable to help their dogs cope with various stressors around the house. Loud storms, new puppies, and changes in normal schedules often lead to behavior problems in dogs. If your dog is showing signs of anxiety,

13 Tips to Reduce Dog Marking

  There is no secret that dog marking is a never-ending circle of sniff, mark, sniff, mark. But when your dog is marking areas in the house or flower garden, you probably get as frustrated as every other dog owner trying to make it stop. Dog marking is a natural

How to Socialize an Aggressive Dog

When you have a dog that just cannot handle other people or other dogs, then you might be wondering how to socialize an aggressive dog. See, socializing an aggressive dog is kind of a tricky statement because I don’t think it means what you think it means. When people speak

How to Use a Silent Dog Whistle

A silent dog whistle is a training device used by dog owners, hunters, and professional dog trainers to give commands over longer distances where verbal commands may not work. While the human ear may hear a faint, high-frequency sound from the whistle, a dog’s hearing is able to hear

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