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Surviving the Post-Op

Surviving the Post-Op

Surviving the Post-Op after your pets surgery

After most surgeries, pets will need to be confined for a period of time to ensure accelerated healing and complete recovery. Thus knowing how to prepare yourself for surviving the Post-Op is important.

We know that it can be hard emotionally and strategically, to confine your pet, but it is the only way he can get better. Confinement is ‘house-arrest’ or restriction to a limited area in an effort to prevent prolonged physical exertion.

Here are some tips to keep your pet happier and more entertained during confinement – which will hopefully make it a bit easier for you:

  • Give him an interactive toy, filled with pumpkin or low fat peanut butter, or only give him his favorite toy while he is in  the pet pen or crate. The right toy(s) can entertain your pet for hours!
  • Make ice cube popsicles (without the stick) with low sodium chicken broth in an ice cube tray. Pets love the taste and have to take the time to lick the broth while it melts!
  • Keep your other pets in another area (out of site out of mind).
  • Keep a radio or TV on for your pet to listen to so he does not feel so isolated

Your pet will feel better before his confinement is over. DO NOT let this fool you. Your pet needs to be examined and cleared from your veterinarian before you allow your pet to become active again. This is why rechecks are so important and crucial to surviving the Post-Op. If a pet is allowed to be active before totally healed, it can cause enough damage that the entire process has to be started over.

Keeping your pet confined:

  • Your pet must be kept inside in a clean, dry, area with just enough room where he can lay down, stand and turn comfortably. The ideal place to confine your pet is a small crate or pet pen. If that is not possible, we recommend a small space in your home, such as a bathroom or laundry room, where he has no risk of injury and nothing to possibly jump on/off from.
  • Absolutely no running, jumping, or playing allowed. This includes both inside the home, and outdoors.
  • Do not allow your pet to go up or down the stairs. If you have stairs, carry your pet up and down the stairs. If your pet is too big to carry, secure areas to prevent access.
  • When going outside for your pet to use the bathroom, place dogs on a short leash that does not allow for any running (a short training leash is perfect). It is best not to have your other pets outside during this time.

Cosmic Pets offer a range of Pet Pens that are ideal for confinement to accelerate healing.

Surviving the Post-Op

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