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Train your cat to use the Toilet!

Train your cat to use the Toilet!

Yes it is possible to train your cat to use the Toilet.

I was doing some research and thought this is a pretty neat subject to show you how to train your cat to use the Toilet.

So we will be going through 2 different methods to train your cat to use the toilet, the first one is a DIY instructional video which is pretty easy and well demonstrated, the second on is a paid solution called Litter Kwitter with instruction DVD, this is not available in South Africa yet so you would have to have it shipped from the UK. I am not going to write about this method so simply click on Litter Kwitter to see what it is about.

In the first video a YouTuber called CoolKaramaVideo shows you how to make the transition from litter-box to toilet.

Depending on where your litter box is, some cats may need a few days of moving their existing litterbox into the bathroom before you begin the first step. If you need a slower transition you can have a look at her website for more details.

Step one of the “Train your cat to use the Toilet” series would be to find a stainless steel salad bowl that would fit the inside of your toilet, it need to fit snug so be sure to take out the tape measure. The Crasy Store sell them for about R50.00 a bowl. To view the item on the Crazy Store website click here. Not sure if this size will fit your toilet but it is a good place to start.

stainless steal bowl

After purchasing the bowl you might want to use a hammer to shape it so it fits into your toilet nice and snug.

Toilette with Bowl

Next you would need to fill the bowl with litter and put the seat down to keep everything in place. For the next few days you will use this just as you would with the normal litter box, scooping out any clumps. Make sure you keep it clean and scoop after each use. Don’t worry this will soon be something of the past so hang in there.

Fill the bowl with litter

NOTE: You must also make sure the lid is never down. You can even temporarily tape the lid to the back of the toilet. This way the cat merely rub up against the lid but it would not crash down on her.

Now keep an eye on your cat and once they have mastered the litter bowl, you want to begin to introduce the concept of sitting on the seat instead of down in the sand. For this you can use a heavy cardboard or a plastic deli tray. You will need to cut it to fit over the steal bowl. Make sure it is sturdy enough so it can hold the weight of your cat. You don’t want your cat taking a swim in your toilet at this stage of training.

In order for your cat to make use of the platform you would need to cut a small hole in the center of the cardboard. Just big enough so she can still get one paw down to the litter to dig. This is a very nice trick as all cats like to dig holes when they litter. So what your cat would do is dig a hole with one paw and turn her self right around to do her business right down into the hole. Reality is your cat will probably miss. But that is OK! As long as she is going on the platform, you are still headed in the right direction. When using a deli tray it is very easy to rinse off any mistakes.


Remember to keep scooping and discarding after each use. But don’t worry about adding more litter to the bowl. You want the level to go down in order to prepare for the next phase.

It is time for the big switch!

Now that you cat has given up sitting in her litter box and she reliably uses the platform. You are ready for the big switch. Graduly decrease the litter in the bowl until you just have a spoon full left in the bowl. Then when you planning on being home for the weekend. Fill the bowl up with about 3-5cm of water instead of litter. This is the hardest part as it is nasty, it smells and generally not nice at all. You will probably hate doing it just as much as your cat. But hang in there the finish line is almost in sight.

That brings us to the home stretch! Yeah!!

Once your cat is going on the platform into the water you can remove the steal bowl all together. Now she will be using the toilet directly with the help of your platform.

If this goes well you can begin to cut a larger hole in the platform until you finally take it out completely. Now all you need to do is flush a few times a day.

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE! The second video shows you how to train your cat to flush as well so enjoy!

hole almost gone

Train your cat to use the Toilet AND FLUSH!

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