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Uganda to raise gorilla permit price in 2020

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Mountain gorillas can be found in two national parks in Uganda: Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga. Uganda has announced that it will raise the price of gorilla tracking permits in these parks from $600 to $700 per person, effective 1 July, 2020. Those wishing to trek before the price increase are encouraged to book soon.

Uganda has also done away with its discounted permits during the rainy season, which is April, May and November. During these months, visitors could purchase permits at $450 per person. In 2019, it eliminated the off-season permits. Visitors seeking a more intimate experience with mountain gorillas are encouraged to book their visit during the off-season. The wetter conditions may offset the lower number of tourists.

In 2017, Rwanda doubled the price of its permits from $750 to $1500pp, so Uganda fees are still lower than Rwanda’s.

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Uganda to raise gorilla permit price in 2020

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