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Who’s Hollywood’s Top Celeb Dog

Top Celeb Dog

Since it is national dog day in Hollywood, they decided to celebrate Hollywood’s Top Celeb Dogs or as they like to call it “Hollywood’s Biggest Bitches” / “Hollywood’s Best Bitches”

They give us a breakdown of a couple of cute and spoiled top celeb dog / dogs

E! News start off with Katy Perry’s pup called Tiny Dancer, rocking the scene with his Adidas outfit.
Katy Perry Pup - Tiny Dancer

Followed by Chrissy Teigen’s french bulldog called Pippa jogging with John Legend.
Chrissy Teigen french bulldog - Pippa

Next they have a look at Kylie Kardashian’s dog called Norman and when interviewed she says that she is obsessed with him. Norman and his sister Bamby has also got their own Instagram account that is probably more popular then yours.
Kylie Kardashian's dog called Norman

Now we have a look at Lady Gaga’s pup named Miss Asia Kinney also rocking the the social scene with more than 120,000 followers on Instagram in June 2015. She started her modeling debut in June 2015.
Lady Gaga pup - Miss Asia Kinney

Then we have a look at Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson with his beautiful French bulldog Hobbs that has my vote for Top Celeb Dog
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson with his beautiful French bulldog Hobbs

For more about the topic have a look at the video posted by E! News below:

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